Experience powerful ceremonies designed with your specific needs in mind. Together we will create a beautiful one of a kind experience!


We all have them… and we may feel them impacting our life from time to time. Learn HOW to connect with your Guides!


My one-on-one online yoga sessions can help increase your flexibility, rehab injuries, and gain insight to many areas of your life!

Are You In “Balance”?

The Chakras are energy centers that ebb and flow depending on our life choices and behaviors. They are found at the very real intersections of nerves, blood, and energy inside of each of us. Our stomach, heart, and brain are just a few places where these energy centers converge. Our life choices and behaviors effect these energy centers and manifest in our lives in very powerful ways.

I created a test to see which of your Chakras may be out of alignment. Take the test then contact me to see how I can help you bring them back into balance!

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The Power of Ceremony

To me, Ceremony is one of the most potent ways to improve our life… and also one of the most all-encompassing! By choosing to bring our best self into a situation, we have the ability to literally change our whole state of mind, in an instant.
The act of expressing gratitude can mend a broken heart. Closing your eyes and asking for help from your ancestors can dissolve any feelings of isolation. Allowing yourself to drift off and be hypnotized by a crackling fire can be a balm for your soul.

I would be honored to work with you in creating a ceremony that meets you where you are, and brings peace & strength to your heart.

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