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What is Forrest Yoga?

Forrest Yoga is a style of yoga created by Ana Forrest. I have had the pleasure to work closely with Ana for many years as her artist in residence where I brought the visual branding of Forrest Yoga up to modern times. I have taken the teachings and medicine of Forrest Yoga and combined them with my deep love and respect of Traditional Healing Ceremony and Ayurveda.

Forrest Yoga is a Hatha based system of yoga where we move slowly and consciously to build more awareness (and feelings) within our physical body. Poses are help for 3-5 breaths providing us time to actually soak up the medicine in each of the poses. Every class is different, focusing on a different apex pose. Our conscious sequencing is one of the many specialities we are known for, warming you up and down in a very skillful way and SAFE way.

Ceremony plays a huge role in my Forrest Yoga offerings. At the start of every class, I light some cedar and give us all a few moments to shift into our yoga Ceremony. While on our mats, we gift ourselves time to come back inside, focus on our breath, and begin to quest internally deepening our relationship to our own Spirit. Some of the physical areas of focus in Forrest Yoga are:
•Relaxing and unwinding the upper back, neck and shoulders – a common area of tightness in most of us
•Breathing very deeply, feeling our ribs expand to accommodate this increase in breath
•Core engagement – we focus a lot of attention on creating a strong core to help relieve back pain & increase stability
•Working and moving through our practice in a way that is free of struggle

In the blog section of this site you will find some yoga pose videos that you might enjoy!

The teachings of Forrest Yoga have changed my life. On a physical level, they have taught me how to FEEL my body in a powerfully visceral way. On a mental level, they have shown me where in my life I have slipped into unhealthy patterns and, more importantly, how to break free of those patterns. On a Spiritual level, this practice has awakened a connection to my Spirit that I haven’t felt before. Because of my Forrest Yoga practice, I am more able to see and feel when I am walking the path of my Spirit, and when I am not. I am forever grateful for these teachings and will continue to share them wherever I can!

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