Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
with Gregory Jamiel

You are invited to join our community at Two Rivers Yoga for our monthly Sweat Lodge Ceremonies. Gathering together for a Sweat is a powerful way to connect to nature, yourself, and to work with the elements and energies of the Four Directions. This is our time to set our intentions, pray for our lives and the lives of our loved ones, and to deepen the relationship to our Spirit. If this is new for you, Greg will answer any questions you may have.
After each Sweat Ceremony, we will share lunch if you would like to join us!

Below you will see a list of dates that we will host this Ceremony. If you feel called to join us for one of these dates, please email Greg and he will give you all the information you need to know. Due to limited space in the lodge, it is mandatory that you contact Greg before arriving.

*Weekend of Ceremony Retreat* Fri-Sun, Oct 11-13th

Please email Greg at to reserve a spot in our Ceremonies.

A Weekend of Ceremony : Fall Sweat Lodge
with Gregory Jamiel
Fri-Sun, Oct 11th-13th

Greg invites you to join us for a powerful weekend of Ceremony to help you connect, in an authentic way, to the natural world around us while deepening the relationship to your ancestors, your heart, and your Spirit.

Over the weekend we will learn about the traditional role of the Sweat Lodge, Grandfather Fire, the Four Directions and how to set intentions or prayers for your life. Friday night we will participate in ‘Fire at Night’, our Fire Ceremony which will get you more familiar with the protocol of the Sweat Lodge. This Fire Ceremony will take place in the Two Rivers Yoga studio and we will incorporate yoga asanas (yoga poses) into the Ceremony while working with the Four Directions.

Saturday, we will repair our Sweat Lodge together for the first half of the day. In the afternoon, Greg will be offering Private Personal Ceremonies for people, and the afternoon is free for you to relax, go for a hike by the river, or explore Carnation.

Sunday morning we will wake up early to light the fire for our Sweat Lodge. Once the fire gets the stones nice and hot, we will participate in our Sweat Lodge Ceremony. After the Sweat Lodge we will have a short closing circle and then you will have the remainder of the day to enjoy at your leisure.

Experience these teachings first hand and take home a reservoir of knowledge that will provide a strong foundation to deepen your personal Ceremony. Learn to connect to your own heart and voice in the most authentic way. You will learn practical ways to take these ceremonial experiences and integrate them into your yoga practice and intention setting process.

The Sweat Lodge portion will be limited to 11 people.
The ‘Fire at Night’ & Personal Ceremonies are open to many more.
****Unfortunately, women who are on their moon will not be able to be INSIDE the Sweat Lodge with us during the Sweat Lodge Ceremony, but can participate outside the Sweat Lodge if they choose to.****

We ask that you email Greg if you would like to participate & he will contact you to explain further instructions about the weekend.

Lodging Options:
•Camping on the Two Rivers land for free
•Reserve your own lodging in Carnation, or town close by
•We also have 1 bedroom in the main house for rent

Healthy meals are included for those who are participating in the full weekend!

For years Gregory has been and continues to be mentored by two Native American Chief’s here in Washington and has been authorized to lead this Sweat Lodge Ceremony by them. He has participated in and lead many traditional Ceremonies around the world over the past 10 years.

Please contact Greg to reserve your spot and for ANY questions you may have!
503.523.9800 •

Yoga Fire Ceremony
with Gregory Jamiel
Friday, Oct 11th • 7-9pm • $25

You’re invited to join us for an amazing candlelit Fire Ceremony focused on setting intentions for your life. I created this ceremony to help you become more familiar with the protocol and flow of a traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony…in the language of a practice that is familiar to you…yoga!

The main focus of this Ceremony is to gain focus on intentions you have for different areas of your life: Strength, Goals & Dreams, Healing, and whatever Spiritual energy you connect with. You will get to know the attributes of the Four Directions, and the role they play in your daily life. We will incorporate gentle yoga asana (poses) throughout the evening that relate to the teachings of each Direction. Don’t miss this wonderful candlelit Ceremony!

You will leave with a special gift as well.

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Heartbeat of the Drum
Drum Circle • Drum Making • Drum Blessing
with Guest Artist Patrick Pinson of Cedar Mountain Drums • Portland, OR
Fri-Sun, Nov 8-10 • $375

A drum is more than just a musical instrument. To many indigenous people, the drum holds great cultural and symbolic power. It carries the heartbeat of the Mother Earth, it brings the Spirit of the animal it is made of back to life when you play it, aids you in inner journeying & meditation, and offers a dynamic way to move energy.

Patrick is a drum maker from Portland, OR who owns an amazing store called, Cedar Mountain Drums. We have invited him to come up to Two Rivers Yoga for an amazing weekend. This is a rare opportunity to make your own drum! To tie it up with your own intentions, hopes, and dreams. Over the weekend we will hold a Drum Circle on Friday night to get more familiar with drumming and how to interact with the drum. On Saturday, we will create our drums & bring them to life! On Sunday morning, we will participate in a very special Drum Blessing Ceremony. The cost of the weekend includes your which you can choose from elk, horse, or deer. Some of you may choose to make a large drum, or to use buffalo or moose hide which will be an additional fee.

This weekend will sell out, so please don’t wait to secure your spot. Before the weekend, Greg will reach out to you to see what type of hide you would like to work with so Patrick can bring enough materials. If you’d like to get to know Patrick more, please visit his website here, or watch the video below!

Please contact Greg at with ANY questions you may have about this workshop!

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