The School of Ceremonial Concepts:

SMUDGING with Greg Jamiel

Thursday, August 6th from 5-6:30pm Pacific (8-9:30pm EST)
An Online ZOOM Webinar
$7 for LIVE Webinar – $10 for LIVE Webinar + Link to the recording to watch later

Smudging is a practice of connecting with the Spirit of certain plants and herbs to help cleanse, uplift, protect, and unite the physical and Spiritual planes. Ancient traditions all around the world have incorporated the practice of smudging into their ceremonies. From the incense of Asia and Europe, to the Indigenous people of the Americas, smudging has been a powerful tool to connect with “that which is greater than us”.

In this ZOOM Webinar, I will share my personal knowledge of the characteristics of sage, cedar, and Palo Santo. You will learn how to harvest these plants in a respectable way, how to set intentions for your smudging, and how to smudge your home and yourself. I will be smudging my home and myself and show you exactly how I use this Ceremony. The class will be 90 minutes. The first hour will be teachings, and the last 30 minutes will be open for you to participate in Q&A. *In an awareness of these challenging financial times, I will be keeping the cost as low as possible. Please reach out if you are not able to pay for this workshop, but still need these teachings in your life.

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