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Touring Workshops & Special Events

I am committed to bringing my best and most dynamic workshops to your studio. Please look over these workshop offerings to see which ones would fit best at your studio. Weekend workshop series usually consist of two to four workshops of your choice. The Special Events can be added to any weekend as well. Once plans are finalized for me to come teach at your studio, I will provide you with a completely custom promotional package for your studio including:

Custom flyers with your logo on it promoting the workshop weekend
•Custom promotional video talking about the workshops at your studio including an animated intro with your studio logo that you are free to keep and use after
•Custom promotional banners and graphics for Facebook including Cover Photos & Flyers

The Embodiment Series

I am so excited to offer this brand new workshop series for 2015-2016! We are extremely diverse, multifaceted beings and in today’s fast paced lifestyle it’s easy to neglect certain facets of ourself. In doing so we dull some of the shine from the beauty filled jewel we are. Each one of these workshops is designed in a way to focus our attention and practice on one of these facets. Using Forrest Yoga asana, intentions, thought invoking cues, and our powerful breath we will polish the many facets of the jewel of our being in a way that will leave you more balanced, energized, aware, and deeply connected to the truly expansive and powerful beauties we are. Classes are all levels with effective modifications and up-levels for a custom experience from your beginner to advanced practitioner.

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Embody the Hunter. Set your sights. The Hunter is the energy within us driving us closer to that thing we desire the most. Like a hunter taking aim, we will get clear about what we want to come into our lives and explore action steps to achieve the goals we put forth. This hip opening workshop is designed to lead the class to our apex pose of Crossbow.
Embody the Lover. Open your heart! Love is a complex emotion, and in this workshop we will explore not only what we love…but how we interact with love. Do we give our love away easily? Do we shut down when love presents itself? We will work deeply with self love, especially with lowering our shields and moving through our practice in a struggle-free way. This back bending & heart opening workshop is designed to lead the class to our apex pose of Phoenix.
Embody the Dreamer. All bets are off in this powerful inversion workshop! We will encourage each other to dream bigger than we ever have before. By exploring the difference with day dreaming, and night dreaming we will play with feeling more comfortable upside down. Looking at our world from a different perspective, feeling the ground beneath our hands supporting a sense of floating and lightness in our practice. This inversions and arm balancing workshop is designed to lead the class to our apex poses of Handstand, Forearm Balance, and many other fun inversions.
Embody the Chief. Queen Pigeon is one of the most iconic, and difficult poses to experience because of deep openings in both the hips, back and chest. In this workshop, we will break this pose down in a way that is so unique and powerful, before you know it you will be beaming through your heart in your variation of Queen Pigeon! There is strong medicine in each yoga pose, and through the use of props (blocks, straps, and rolls) we will be able to uptake the sweetness in this beautiful opener.
Embody the Magician. Traditionally, twisting poses are a great opportunity to wring out and let go of some stuck energy within your body. This core-centered practice will use twists to ignite your passionate fire within and we will learn to move that fire throughout your body, warming and glowing from the inside. We will unleash our core strength for support while Gravity Surfingin arm balances like Scissors, Twisting Scissors, Easy & traditional Bird of Paradise, and many other sparkle inducing poses. You will connect with the magic you hold within to bring about change and growth in this exciting workshop!
Embody the Warrior. Learn to stand tall while embodying your inner warrior in this powerful workshop. There are stories of Native American warriors who would use their stretched leather pieces as shields in battle, and when returned to their loved ones would turn those shields around and played them as their drums. In the workshop we will explore the duality of the loving warrior. By opening yourself to the sweetness of love, you become stronger. Learn to connect to and embody your own Warrior Lover!

Forrest Yoga & the Four Directions

I have always been drawn to the Beauty of nature and the healing power it has for us. In this workshop series I combine the powerful medicine of both Forrest Yoga, along with the sacred teachings from Chief Alex Turtle and Chenoa Egawa to help us feel the connection of our bodies and Spirits to our natural surroundings. These powerful workshops incorporate both physical asana (yoga poses) and a deep ceremonial intent.

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East is the direction of sunrises, new beginnings, fire, and passion! This is also the place of Men’s Lodge, and not just men, but the sacred masculine energies that are in all of us. We ally with our fire in this workshop and get deep into our hips to open those energy reservoirs.
South is the direction of discernment, water, learning to go with the flow, and that sweet home of our inner Peace and War Chiefs helping us discern what is worth fighting for and what is worth making peach with. By calling on the help of our ancestors, and the element of water we will explore twisting poses and backbends to help us loosen thoughts, beliefs, and actions that need to flow away!
West is the direction of sunsets, natural endings, and major healing. It is also the place of our big dreamers (frogs, bears, and other night time animals) and home to our Women’s Lodge, that powerful place of our divine feminine. We will slow things down in this restorative workshop getting more comfortable with letting things and events in our lives go to allow space for new beautiful energies to fill us up!
North is the home of our Spirit. It is the place of overview, perspective, and our winged friends! We will create a dynamic inversion experience where we cozy up to our edge and feel for growth to happen when we are supported and consciously connected to our bodies in an authentic way!

The Body Beautiful

The Body Beautiful has been a workshop 37 years in the making! In this workshop you will dedicate your yoga ceremony to looking deep into the truths of your life. We will examine what truths are yours, and what truths were placed on you from another. Once we discern which truths are yours, we will work at releasing those that are not from our heart. You will sweat, you will breath, you will feel a connected web of support and encouragement from our circle who will hold space for you to delve deep into the mysteries of what makes YOU the truly beautiful being you are!

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Special Events

Make your custom workshop even more special by choosing to add in a Ceremony of your choice. Each of these special events can be a stand alone event, or woven into a workshop to create a truly powerful & unique experience for your studio! I will also create a completely unique Ceremony for you and your students focused on a topic of your choice (ex. Totem Animals, Summer/Winter Solstice, etc).

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I begin every Ceremony by calling in the Four Directions. This time is used to set intentions not only for a specific workshop, but for our lives. Cedar, Sage, or Palo Santo is lit and we invoke and invite in the powers of each direction as well as our ancestors to weave together a powerful, supported container for us to truly dive deep into our practice together. This is one of the most profound ways to build a strong and safe foundation for a weekend of workshops!
The Death Meditation can be a life changing process. This powerful Ceremony incorporates drumming, chanting, physical movement, and a guided meditation. In this 2-2.5 hour Ceremony we will experience the feelings that arise when we are told that we will die within the next 10 hours. This process brings up strong emotions and shows us where in our lives we may have held back from living our most vibrant life, not lived or spoke our truths to those we love, and so much valuable information that only arises when faced with death. In the second half of the meditation we are brought back to life with a new sense of drive, determination, and hope for the future. This is a very powerful and serious Ceremony and I am proud to offer an extremely grounded & safe arena for students to really uptake the sweetness of this process.
In this 2-2.5 hour Ceremony we incorporate drumming, chanting, and a physical asana practice to prepare our body & mind to reveal a powerful connection to our Future/Wiser Self. That expression of our Spirit that has already walked through this part of our life. We will connect and journal answers and information we gather from interacting with our Future/Wiser Self. This guided meditation is a beautiful experience for your body, mind, and Spirit!
One of my most favorite things to do is to drum. Drums are made of animal hides and when we play them, we have an opportunity to bring the Spirit of these animals back to life. Drumming is a powerful expression of song, movement, and medicine. If you are relatively close to Portland, I am able to bring up to 100 drums with me for an amazing Drum Circle! You can see some pictures & videos of our Drum Circles to get a better idea of what they look and feel like!