Private Yoga Sessions

Physical movement combined with intention can be an amazing way to unlock the guidance our bodies hold deep within. Ancestral blood wisdom passed down through generations runs through our veins and if we focus on it, we can rebuild those natural connections and tap into their ancient wisdom and support. Yoga is so much more than being able to touch your toes! It’s taking the time to give back to yourself. To satisfy the cravings of our physical body, to move and stretch and flex, and most importantly to deepen the connection to our Spirit.

Yoga provides us a mirror to how we react in our daily lives. If we are in a challenging pose and just drop out of it, we may want to look at how we handle challenging situations in life? Do we cut and run? During your practice you may catch yourself muscling through a pose and not easing into it… this pattern may show itself in personal relationships, or even remind you when you are not breathing fully.
The main thing that matters is how YOU feel in the pose. 

I am thrilled to offer these private yoga sessions to you! Together we will create custom classes that address and work with any physical or emotional issues you may be working with. Taking advantage of modern technology, we will be able to see and hear each other too! I provide verbal pose assists, and offer modifications for all poses. I meet you where you are, and help you increase focus, strength, and flexibility.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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In my yoga practice, I’ve struggled with fear, uncertainty, frustration, and injuries that have blocked my progress and had me feeling stuck in neutral. Greg has helped me break through these walls again and again in private lessons by working with me to get through challenges while empowering me to go deeper in the process.

During private lessons, Greg creates targeted sequences and helpful modifications that allow me to get to advanced poses I’d previously been unable to access. He breaks poses down in a way I can understand. Then, he helps guide me as we put everything back together until, suddenly, I’m doing poses I’d never imagined I was capable of! Greg is a compassionate and insightful teacher who facilitates students in finding their edge, facing it, and working through it with grace. I particularly love the intention, focus, and sincere joy Greg brings to teaching. Greg knows how to make hard work fun – while the work we’re doing is often very challenging, his optimism and supportive persistence allows me to find my own strength and progress rapidly.

I have learned a great deal from Greg and much of my advanced practice is a product of working with him one-on-one. I highly recommend all of Greg’s classes, but in particular his private sessions to those who want to accelerate their personal yoga growth. I’ve never so enjoyed working with challenging poses and seen such tremendous personal progress as I have while working with Greg.”

~Laurel Bentley
Portland, OR