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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations are a fantastic opportunity to consciously shift into a place of calm… an extremely grounding experience that has a profound effect on our life! We have been gifted, not only looks and eye color from our ancestors, but the characteristics of their Spirit as well. The courage that supported them in leaving their birth nation led only by the hope for a better life elsewhere, the creativity and confidence it took when they opened their own family bakery, or the strength it took for our grandmother to raise 13 kids! These characteristics are within us too, and through Guided Meditations we can tap into that reservoir of energy and bathe in the energy of that connection.

I combine Shamanic techniques like drumming, and working with different plants & sacred pieces to create a container where you feel safe to explore the depths of your being. We work together to go to someplace very special with the hope of learning a little bit more about ourself. Meditations are also a wonderful way to connect back to the energy of loved ones we have lost.

We will talk a little about what you are hoping to gain from this meditation, and we will then begin a guided journey together. No two Meditations are ever the same, and together we can help you get more grounded, centered, and focused.

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A Guided Meditation is Great For:

Losing a loved one is one of the deepest heartaches we experience. By stepping into ceremony, lots of practice, having a clear intention, and working with specific guided meditations… it is possible to connect with your ancestors, or loved ones who are no longer with us. The person man be gone, but their energy & life force is still around us. You feel it when you get the chills for no reason, or get the strongest feeling that if you turned your head you would see your loved one sitting right next to you! One pathway to reconnect with them is through meditation.

A guided meditation is a wonderful way to carve out some personal time for yourself, quiet your mind, and get focused. I usually begin these meditations with a specific pranayama (breathing technique) to engage the mind in the most beneficial way. You will go through an internal scan checking in with your mind, body, and Spirit. Then we will move forward weaving a peaceful mindset throughout our body.

We use the process of guided meditations to center our mind, body, and Spirit so you can set the best conditions for your intentions to manifest into reality. I will lead you in a way where we connect with the uplifting energy around us and together we will create a space where you can allow your voice and dreams to be fully heard!