Holistic Life Guide Sessions

When we have the desire to change, grow, transform, or learn something new, it may seem like an impossible feat! Like, the amount of change or experience needed is so much that we may become overwhelmed and stay right where we are…even though that flame of desire is still burning. If that flame is still burning with no place to move, it can cause frustration in our life. I have felt this before, and I finally reached a point of having…enough! When we look at what we CAN do… the tasks become a little more manageable.

For more than 12 years, I have been immersing myself in deep teachings of three ancient lineages…Traditional Ceremonies, Yoga, and Ayurveda. These belief systems have been impacting human lives since the beginning of time and have taught me so much about our connection to the natural world and the delicate balance it exists in. I have gained tools, skills and practices that have uplifted my Spirit, broke me out of stuck spots, and connected me to my deepest truth…who I am and where I come from. I want to share these skills and tools with you, to help YOU lift yourself up and reach YOUR highest dreams. We are all on this path together, and if we can help each other heal a little and lighten the grasp of our past experiences, we will all be better for it in the end.

My Holistic Life Guide Sessions are an opportunity to look at your life from a holistic perspective. We will explore the many facets of the jewel of your being and come up with clear, easy to implement practices you can do today to begin to get that movement flowing again in your life. You may feel physically, emotionally, or Spiritually blocked in the moment… but it is essential to remember there is always something we can do in every situation.

I have built a 7 phase process based off our Chakra System, that addresses 7 main areas of your life. By taking 100% responsibility for the energy we are running through our body, we can directly impact change in these areas and begin to see our life’s path again.

Together We Will Explore:
Your Dreams and Goals • Your Excuses • Balance in Your Life • Gratitude • What you are Digesting • Our Connection to Nature &
Our Connection to Something Greater

These Sessions are designed to be experienced in either 4 hour long sessions over the course of 4 weeks, or you can book them one at a time to go through the process at your own pace. I look forward to walking this path of incredible path of healing and transformation with you!

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