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Services & Booking

All services are offered both in-person and online! If you are near the Seattle area, I invite you to come work with me at my home here on the beautiful grounds of Two Rivers Yoga & BnB in Carnation, WA. I also work with people from all around the world through Facetime, Skype and ZOOM. If you don’t see a time that works for you in our booking system, please send me an email and we can schedule you in to a time that does work.

Keep in mind,  ALL appointments are made in Pacific Time Zone!

Prices for Services Offered

Taking the First Step is $80 per 1 Hour Session
Life Guide Sessions are $80 per 1 Hour Session
Personal Ceremony is $150 for 1 Hour and 15 minutes
One Private Yoga Session is $80 per 1 Hour Session

Learn More About these Services

Taking the First Steps
Holistic Life Guide Sessions
Personal Ceremonies
Private Yoga Classes


  1. Please select the Service you would like to reserve (Connecting with Your Guides, Personal Ceremony, etc.)
    Choose the date, and time you are available to meet with me, select the days you are available…then click “NEXT”
  2. Click on the time you would like to reserve…then click “NEXT”
  3. Type in your details (name, phone, email)…then click “NEXT”
  4. Select the button for “I will pay now with PayPal”…then click “NEXT”
  5. You have successfully booked your appointment and will receive an email confirmation!

**Please remember, ALL times chosen are Pacific Time, please keep that in mind when creating an appointment in another time zone!**