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When we have the desire to change, grow, transform, or learn something new, it may seem like an impossible feat! Like, the amount of change or experience needed is so much that we may become overwhelmed and stay right where we are…even though that flame of desire is still burning. If that flame is still burning with no place to move, it can cause frustration in our life. I have felt this before, and I finally reached a point of having…enough! 

When we look at what we CAN do… the tasks become a little more manageable. I have created these offerings where, together, we will take those first steps into areas that may be new to you. Following the oral traditions of thousands of years, I will teach you HOW to begin on this path (face to face through video chat) and explain how you can take those first steps in a way that is easy to digest and implement in your life. We will go over common misconceptions, have time for Q&A, and explore options that you can take to move onto this path in a way that is specific to YOU and what YOUR needs.

The First Steps We Will Explore:
•Taking the First Step to Connecting with Your Guides
•Taking the First Step to Connecting with Your Inner Healer
•Taking the First Step into Ceremony
•Taking the First Step into Meditation

I have developed these programs in a way that we can go along the path as long as YOU want to. Each session is one hour, has an intention behind it, and you will have that first step upon completion of that session. You can choose to book a second session and take another step forward after that. The length of the path we walk together is up to you. You can choose to meet once, and be on your way! Or, we can meet many times. It is completely up to you!

We will incorporate the tools of ceremony, grounding, meditation, and visualization to help YOU take the first steps towards your goal. My teachings are influenced by my travels around the world studying and working with Shamans in South America, different religious and spiritual leaders, traditional Native American Ceremonies, my connection to the Earth, and my own insight gained from years of Questing to make that connection to that which is Sacred within and all around us… all the time.

I want to share this information with you to help you bring peace and healing to your heart, and guidance to your life.
I hope you will join me on this amazing adventure!

Take Your First Step Today!

What to Expect

I am offering these programs in one hour sessions. This will help you move at your own pace and choose when to take that next step together. You will gradually build a foundation of knowledge, and skill for you to be able to create optimal conditions to discover, and eventually develop a relationship with your spirit and the energy that surrounds us all the time.

Through these processes you will be looking at your life in a holistic way. Looking at areas that may need more attention to bring your whole being into balance, alignment, and create those optimal conditions for you to move forward on your path with confidence.

Explore The First Steps

We all have them. In fact, not a single soul who has ever spent time on this planet, has lived without one. I am talking about Guides – those evolved teachers on the Other Side, assigned to help us grow and follow through on our life’s purpose. They are whispering to us all the time, so why aren’t we getting the messages?

In this session, we will begin to explore the ways we can connect with our guides, and experiment with which way works best for you! We will talk about signs, and how you can interpret their meanings to help build and deepen that connection with our guides. We will also experience ways to get grounded and quiet your mind so you will become more receptive to the messages all around us. I hope you will join me on this path, and take that first step to learning how YOU can connect with your guides!

Broken bones. Cuts that require stitches. Bumps and bruises from a nasty fall. Injuries are a part of life on this planet but amazingly, our bodies know just what to do — to heal us. But what about the injuries we don’t see? Why is it so difficult, so seemingly impossible, to recover from grief and heartbreak?

In this session, we will take that first step into softening the pain we feel in our heart and begin that journey towards healing. We will look at our life in a holistic way, and be sure we are fostering a healing environment in all areas of our life. You will learn how to evaluate the health of many systems in our body, and how to bring those systems back into balance. You will learn how to breathe, and the important role breath takes in helping us connect with our inner healer. Let’s walk this path together, you are not alone in your grief. Your inner healer wants to heal!

Take this first step into learning more about Ceremony, and how to weave it into your life. If you are looking to heal, to bless your home, to create a safe space, or to simply deepen your awareness and connection to the world around us, this session is for you! We will explore the healing power of plants like Cedar, Sage, Sweetgrass, and Palo Santo, and learn when and how to gather and use them. Learn how to make moments in your life precious and powerful and connect to the elements that surround us all the time!

Calming the mind…calms the body. We know mental health is so important, and learning how to begin a meditation practice is an amazing…and challenging…practice! Many of us just starting out can get frustrated because of our “monkey mind”. That energy that makes of think of everything else we have to do other than be still and quiet! Lol! I have a few different ways to work with that monkey mind and get it to quiet and focus. Meditation opens gateways within us and helps us remove stress and heartache in beautiful ways. Learn how to weave the practice of meditation into your life in a real, and visceral way by taking that first step with me!

Take your first step today!